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Nz Fishing Spots Near Me!

Fishingspotx is all about the sharing of fishing experiences in New Zealand.  As kiwis we are blessed with an abundance of fishing spots and a good variety of fish species to target.

Fishing Spots Auckland

Some have had the opportunity to fish more than others and over the years, have found those secret spots that always tend to deliver a decent feed.

Finding decent “fishing spots near me” in a new area always tend to be a problem, running the risk of spending a day on the water wasting your time and even worse, developing a undeserved bad opinion of the fishing in the area.

Rather to keep fishing spots a secret, we believe they need to be made available to all and give the non-regulars a fighting chance to enjoy the pleasure that fishing in New Zealand can provide.

The site offers members the opportunity to find fishing spots with all the required information to have a good day of fishing.  We would then also encourage our members to actively review and rate posted fishing spots so to differentiate the not so good with the excellent.  If you find misleading, inaccurate or plain unsafe spots, let us know so that we can look into it.

The site also caters for the gatherers looking to harvest around the coastal areas. We have added the facility to list your Crayfish, Scallops, Paua and Mussel spots.  We then also encourage the spearos to join the fun and add their favorite spearfishing spots and experiences, just send us the detail.

Not neglecting the abundant fresh water that New Zealand offers, we also cater for the fresh water fisherman and their favorite spots.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or requests through our contact page.