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Fishing SpotX has grown fast, now offering a substantial amount of fishing spot information to keen New Zealand fishermen. The site now generates around 10,000 page views every month with around 100 unique visitors every day.  See stats for January and February 2014 below.

Fishing Spot x Stats

Fishing SpotX offers fishing orientated businesses the opportunity to advertise their business on our site.  Advertisements take the form of a map listing (with marker at your location) on the main page map.   The listing itself will be customised as per the client’s requirement, but typically contains the following:

  • Business Header Graphic/Banner
  • Business About Information
  • Address
  • Contact information with a link to the business’ website
  • Gallery
  • Location Marker on Map

The business shall be categorised to the area where it is located, so that the business shows on the main map whenever a fishing spot search is done in that area.  Follow the next link to an example business listing.


Annual Advertisement Fee:  $100 + GST

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